-coach driver: A middle aged man who, with his apprentice, was taking us from Estwald to Cornwall-by-the-sea. He was killed in the zombie attack. 

-coach driver's apprentice: In coach accident, managed to make it to Cornwall safely the night of the zombie attack. Now looking for work. 

-Biff: a merchant's bodyguard. Helped us make it from the abandoned church to Cornwall-by-the-sea

-Winthrop Woebegodden; Merchant, employer of Biff. Grateful to be rescued, has put us up in the Trebuchet Tavern. Copperhearth identified Winthrop as the man who hired him.

-Copperhearth, the thug we captured in the Witts manor. He was hired by Winthrop to do ‘something’ in the manor. They were looking for intruders (us)

-Torrin, our contact with the Lorekeepers’ Guild

-Tibbs, Torrin’s nephew and Paladin.

-“Scourge”, head of Teamsters’ Guild and possible crime boss

Constable Ted, the real one. Taken prisoner while investigating Manor

”Constable Ted”, ??? Claimed to be the constable, and vanished. Has Tibbs’ flail. 

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