The Ruins of Ristara

Ristara 9 The Obscured Secret of Oscuros

The Final Battle

Colors from out of space swirled and pulsated. In the center of it all, diminutive Cade stood incanting the ritual which would, in theory, reverse the cosmic flow and destroy the planar gate. If interrupted, he would have to start over again but how much time remained before the gate would fully open, ushering in the Great Old One, Illitia?
Occasionally he caught glimpses of his companions from the corner of an eye, engaged in battle, doing everything they could to protect him. And then the first psychic blast hit him. It took, a lot of self-discipline and control, he thought with a bit of pride, to deflect its stunning attack and continue with the incantation. His mind, despite teetering on the precipice of sanity, was better prepared for the next blast and that too was blocked.
And then the chanting stopped and the colors around him pulsed and swirled but now in brighter hues and in reverse motion. The chamber shook, pieces of rock falling from the vaulted ceiling. Explosions from above, the towers imploding, the cause of the temblor.
The light in the gate faded and its constant hum fading so just the clash of weapons and the shouts of Aramir, Tiberius and Helga remained. They were finishing off the last of the fell beasts which had been unrelenting in their attempt to stop them. The constant whispering which had plagued his mind since they had touched down in this eldritch place too receded.
Now Cade was able to look around clearly for the first time. Many Grimlocks, those hairy and stench-ridden brutes, lay about in various states of dismemberment. And then he saw one of the strange creatures which had orchestrated this whole nightmare, go down in a flurry of flashing swords. Its bulbous head and tentacles, a shiny purple now stained with its own black ichor which pooled out on the cracked stone floor around it.
He saw his friends concerned, scanning the upper reaches of the vault. Alas, the other Mind Flayer had escaped…to Olrici knows where. He was sure it would not stop its nefarious scheming and perhaps one day, their paths would cross again.



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