The Ruins of Ristara

Cornwall Session 3

The Misadventures of Aramis & Tiberius

After discovering the secret temple under the old Witt mansion, the party agrees to split up. Cade & Wilhand returning to town with Ted the constable to alert the authorities while Aramis & Tiberius retreat to the upper levels to continue the search for clues and perhaps treasure as well. Starting in the attic, A & T find the Stirges’ nest. Tiberius scrapes up about 25 gp buried in dung while Aramis finds a pouch with a ring carved in the shape of a Merman devouring his own tail. It is inscribed ‘To Ethel’. A further search of the second floor turns up nothing but on the first floor, an undiscovered room leads to a life and death battle with an animated suit of armor and a sword. Ignoring the ‘X’ scrawled in blood on the door, our intrepid duo enter to find an old display room for arms and armor. They skillfully avoid a semi-circle of harmless red mushrooms in front of the fireplace and fan out to explore the room, Tiberius going to a long sword on a wall rack and Aramis to a wall with three suits of armor. One of the suits booms out a riddle to the pair who are unable to answer it. The suit animates and attacks Aramis bludgeoning him to near death with its plate gauntlets. The sword that Tiberius was holding, springs to life and slashes at him leaving a wicked cut across his chest. Tiberius is able to defeat the sword but the suit of armor proves too much and they are forced to disengage the battle and flee. Retreating to an upstairs bedroom, the pair plan a 6 hr on/6 hr off rest to recover fully and keep an eye on the front approach. The earliest their comrades could return would be in the middle of the night but they doubt they would see anyone before late morning. The evening passes uneventfully with only the occasional bit of light seen far out in the grasslands. But early in the morning Aramis hears noises coming from the ground floor. A systematic check of all the rooms is what they come to realize is transpiring. Apparently the bogus Ted escaped and has returned with reinforcements. Two ruffians appear at the door of their room and A & T jump them in an attempt to take a prisoner. One of the men is killed but the other is captured after a chase down the stairs, a dramatic leap from the balcony (which misses the intended target), and a successful non-lethal blow before the scalawag can get down the trap door (the one leading to the supply room on the temple level). The duo carry the unconscious man out into the woods attempting to put some distance between them and whoever else may be in the mansion. After a three-mile journey deeper into the woods, Aramis is exhausted and the pair stop to rest and interrogate their prisoner. Some information is obtained but then the three are set upon by a foul humanoid wielding a mighty spiked club. The foul beast is defeated but not before the rogue escapes. The duo decide to return to Cornwall and hopefully catch Cade & Wilhand before they reach the mansion.

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