Cade Callowell

Halfling cleric


strength 11
dexterity 17
constitution 14
intelligence 14
wisdom 17
charisma 14

Armor class 16
Hit Points 10






(Quick version)

Hermit, left the city to live a life of religious contemplation and fasting, living in the mountains overlooking the lake. Focus and meditation worked, he learned to hear the voice of the Daybreaker.

Giving up the pleasures of this world was NOT easy for an easy-going halfling like himself, but his ambition for power outweighed his temptation, and he endured.

He know goes to convert others to the cause: for the more worshippers he can attract, the more powerful his god becomes.

The idea that he might be rewarded for such service has not even occured to him.

Cade Callowell

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